Vacuuming: Sure, It’s a Pain – But It Keeps Bugs Away

Vacuuming has always been one of the staples in terms of house cleaning. At the same time such task has always been referred to as troublesome and a hard work. Sure, it can be too much of a task for cleaning. But despite of that always remember one of the best reasons for using a vacuum cleaner – vacuuming itself is proven to be a legitimate pest control tool. Lets find out more.

You Want Those Bugs Out? Get the Vacuum Running

Most of the pest management professionals are actually incorporating vacuuming as part of their service, particularly in the sites where they want to reduce the use of insecticides and to promote integrated pest management. They use specialty pest control vacuums with various attachments designed just for pest problems. Special vacuum tools can even collect many bugs for identification and special filters can remove insect and mouse allergens from the air. But there is plenty that you can do on your own with your household vacuum to prevent and remove bugs.

  • Vacuuming can remove food for pests such as ants, cockroaches and flies, which is effective since they are all attracted to food left out. Some fabric pests are found in areas that are not frequently vacuumed, where they feed on lint, pet hair and accumulated food crumbs.
  • Vacuuming, of course, can remove a large number of pests. Although vacuuming alone will not eliminate them, it gives a head start for other pest control measures. It is the recommended control for small numbers of bugs that occasionally enter homes such as stink bugs, lady bugs, box elder bugs, millipedes and clover mites.
  • Vacuuming itself can also remove concrete evidences of insects so that you can see if new evidence appears indicating an ongoing infestation. It can remove dust and debris from surfaces, cracks and crevices so that an insecticide treatment is easier to apply, is more effective and it lasts longer. It can fluff up your carpeting which will allow an insecticide treatment to penetrate the fibers.
  • Vacuuming is the control choice in sensitive sites, wherein insecticides cannot be used, such as around electronics, stoves or refrigerators, and helps remove certain pest allergens that can cause health problems.

Next time you feel like hiring a cleaning company and not working the vacuum, keep in mind that your cleaner is also helping you get rid of bugs around the house, which is of course, what you wanted all along.