The Difference Between House Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

Cleaning your home is already stressful enough. Now we have to think about deep cleaning too? Have no fear because this article is here to help you decided whether or not it is time to consider a proper deep cleaning.

Regular House Cleaning

Regular cleaning services Melbourne is something that is offered by professional cleaning companies. This type of cleaning is typical cleaning that people do daily or weekly. Regular cleaning helps maintain a basic level of cleanliness for your home. Regular cleaning includes floor cleaning, wiping down surfaces, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Typical house cleaning covers the basics. Maintaining the visual cleanliness that we all want our homes to be like. This can be something as simple as decluttering.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is more along the lines of spring cleaning. Deep cleaning should normally be done about 2 twice a year. Deep cleaning is different from your basic cleaning because it gets to the deep grime and dirt in your home. It generally covers areas which aren’t usually covered in regular cleaning or typical spring cleaning. Deep cleaning consists of things like pulling out washing machines, dryers and ovens, cleaning behind and under smaller appliances, cleaning and organizing under sinks, both sides of windows, and along the frames and blinds, dusting ceilings and along walls. Scrubbing the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Shower heads should be soaked in vinegar to restore pressure. UV-C light can be used to destroy microorganisms, including bacteria, virus, protist, and fungus/mold for a deeper clean.

There are obviously plus sides to both cleaning methods. Both are necessary to ensure that your home stays sparkling throughout the years. Normal everyday cleaning makes your deep cleaning adventures easier, because there is less to do, and vice versa. I hope that you have found this article helpful in some way, and if you are interested in learning more a great idea is to visit this site. Best of luck on your next home cleaning!